Thursday, February 12, 2009

[THC] Ghosts

I don't think you need to be a believer in something to try to figure out how it could be. An example of this would be UFO's. I've seen videos on TV or Youtube and usually 99% you can just see how it could be something else or have some other explanation. Once in a while you see a video in the daylight and you end up thinking to yourself "what the hell was that?" For those cases where something moves in an extraordinary way I think to myself how could something possibly move like that? Well in this case I had an Idea. The ship creates a envelope around itself that removes any Resistance from the surface. much like and air hockey puck moves across the table but in 3 dimensions.
Now I think I have an explanation for how what we perceive as ghosts could exist. Ghosts are present when 2 or more different strings of reality become inter-twined and connected in ways that each string would experience the other as ghosts. The points of connection can be random or fixed auditory, visual or physical moments of shared experience. For a split second you might hear a voice from another reality or the other reality might, for a second, perceive you as a dark shadow moving across the room. Maybe for a just a brief moment that chair your sitting in exists in more then one of those realities at the same time and someone else sees you rockin'.

[THC] The Human Condition. [THC] is not a series of musing about the experiences of life but about the human condition of wonderment. That place in the human mind that set us apart from the other creatures of Earth. The ability to dream and contemplate random thoughts, ideas and questions about the world around us.