Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been listening to politician since I was a child, forces into the longest running soap opera by investigations into a corrupt President and an Archie and Meat-head environment between my two older brothers and my father. To this day I sometimes have trouble making decisions because I come up with an argument for both sides.
One of the thing I've said about politicians in the past was that "politician rarely lie" which usually get me a wide range of responses from laughter to stunned disbelieve and yes even pity. None the less I believe it, they rarely do out and out lie. Granted they may spin it harder than a figure skater or use twisted logic that would make M.C. Escher proud but they don't often lie, under oath being the exception of course.
We are usually left in a fog of semantics. Is a reduction in future increases a cut? Depends, if it's the Pentagon democrats would say it reigning in fraud and abuse. To republican it's "gutting America's defenses.
The new breed of conservative republicans who find their roots in the get Clinton crowd seem much more prone to just blatant and demonstrable lies. It could be that the Stimulus Package has money for ACORN which we all must fear because we are always just one step away from living under a world dominated by advocates for the poor, Or, It might be that the IT money for digital medical records will put the government in charge of your health care. What makes this trend even more troubling is how easy it is for them get millions of people to believe and parrot the lies. Watch C-span's morning call in show and listen to the some of the calls that come in on the conservatives line. If it wasn't so early in the morning it would be a great drinking game. "hangs with terrorist" DRINK! "socialism" DRINK! "ACORN" DRINK! "Mouse" gets you a DOUBLE SHOT! You won't make 20 minutes. If their talking immigration I give you ten.
Then again the idea that this is new just might be where that "pity" look comes from.