Thursday, February 12, 2009


With the Stimulus Package about to pass I guess this is my last chance to say...

This Plan needs to be bigger! 3 or more times bigger. Over the next 2 to 3 years as this plan spends out, $790 billion ain't going to mean squat to a $36 trillion economy over the same period. Even with the most generous of multiplier effect.

Here's some funding Ideas for a bigger plan:

*Cut on trillon dollars from the Pentagon budget over 10 years. The Pentagon's budget over that period would be about 6 trillion. You can't tell me that one in 6 Pentagon dollars isn't wasted. They can't even account for $2.3 trillion dollars now.

*Progressively Increase Gas taxes each year. 2 cents this year. 4 cents the next, 8 cents the following and so on. While also increasing Income tax personal exemptions to offset the progressiveness of the tax. This will force business and individuals to look ahead and plan for higher fuel prices.