Monday, March 09, 2009

A Different Kind of War

There are many things that make Iraq and Afghanistan two different kinds of War. In Iraq we have an immoral war of choice, initiated at a time of crisis by a group of radical neo-conservatives as a first step toward a new "Pan-American" century. In Iraq at the time of our invasion there was a largely secular society, albeit imposed by force, and a fairly established middle class. What followed our invasion in Iraq was a civil war for control fought by people with centuries old scores to settle. So I don't have too much of a problem walking away from Iraq. First we never should have went so the only way to make it right is too leave and second the people of Iraq need to work out their problems themselves.

In Afghanistan we have a primitive people living in a society radicalized by decades of war and foreign occupations. We also are fighting an enemy with the ability to retreat into a home field mountain range, you can never defeat that kind of opponent and we should just leave.

But what makes Afghanistan different, in my mind, is what kind if existence are we condemning woman too if we just leave? What about the generations of girls that will never go to school or the woman that will live in virtual slavery? Can we really walk away leaving half the population to live in a world of total oppression?

So I have an Idea for a different kind of War. Announce that we will be leaving in two years and that during those two year any female or mother with children that makes a request for help will be offered safe passage out of the country and be given the opportunity for a new life in a new country.