Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Fair Shake

No matter where you stand on the Health Care issue that we are gearing up to debate I think you will notice one important side will never get a fair shake. Single Payer. It will be mentioned from the right once in a while as the demon "socialized medicine", you will hear about "rationing" and "waiting lists" as if that would be something foreign to our system. Our system uses the most brutal form of rationing, access. Our system is not even currently set up to handle normal health care access to millions more Americans.

With out a doubt single payer is the most efficient us of health care dollars. A not for profit single pool of shared risk with a single set of forms and data collection and no profit added on top or C.E.O's making tens of millions of dollars a year. The only people making a profit in a single payer system should be the doctors and they should be paid very well especially in the beginning when we will need a big increase in primary care access.