Monday, March 30, 2009

Voyage of the U.S. American

Subtitle: Dude, Your bumming me out.

At first Paul Krugman was the man. He put himself out front as a cheerleader for a Keynesian solution to our economic crisis. Which is exactly what we needed and still need.

Nobody knows what the right move is and if you do I'll find 50 people who will argue, more then smartly, that you are wrong. Our only hope is that we have a leader that will be smart, flexible and will put the well being of his crew as his top priority.

Paul Krugman, who I agree with more then I disagree, seems to be turning into the kind of guy that now that everyone is listening he need to be a critic and dwell on some of the details he doesn't agree with. Kind of like a crew member complaining after the ship corrected coarse that he doesn't like the color of the sails.