Friday, April 17, 2009

Electrodes on Your Tea Bags

I understand obama's desire to look forward rather then back when it comes to torture under the Bush Administration. He was sworn into office in January with some serious of problems on his desk. Two wars and a collapsing economy means that the President is like the Captain of a ship heading into a storm. His mission right now is get us all through alive.

Which is fine with me. That's the job we hired him for and where he needs to keep his focus. If he or his administration was to aggressively pursue charges it would be a major distraction to his mission at hand.

However, He should not be seen as standing in the way of Justice and the pursuit of the truth. We do not need the president to go after members of Bush's Torture Team. We have Congress to either investigate on it's own or to establish a so called "Truth Commission" and we also have International Criminal Courts.

All we need for the president to do is honor his pledge for transparency and release all requested document to congress or a commission and to stand ready to Pardon those who legitimately deserve it. If you say in a blanket statement that those who were just following orders will not be prosecuted your creating a situation where some really nasty sadistic pricks who took a wink from the white house to mean it's Hostel III.

Everyone knows what happens when you institutionalize torture. Enhanced Techniques at the top turns into electrodes on your teabags at the bottom.