Monday, April 27, 2009

Perez Hilton

OK for some reason I feel the need to apologize and say that as a gay man I am not much into the the glamorous Hollywood gossip scene. So until recently I had no idea who Perez Hilton was, other then hearing the name a couple times, which when I heard it I probably just thought Paris Hilton or some relative of hers. But his recent dust up on the Miss USA or America or something Pageant brought him onto my radar screen. Of course this story got a hell of a lot more play then it deserved because the news shows got to keep running the swimsuit footage.

So after checking out Mr. Hilton I discovered that there's not really much difference between Perez Hilton and standing in line at your local supermarket except at least in the supermarket you get a good laugh and some cool creepy alien stories.