Thursday, April 02, 2009

Same as it ever was...

It always interesting the way Republican and Democrats will stretch out a time frame to make the numbers seem bigger. Just tell me how far we need to go out to get to trillions. Five years, ten?
Economist can't predict next year how can anyone predict out 10 years? So what do the Republicans do? They project out 80 years. I mean watching Obama try to bowl is painful but watching the republicans come up with a new idea is just adorable.
Every time they move anymore it is totally contrary to common sense. We're in a time when every sector of the economy is contracting so what to the Republicans want to do, freeze which really means contract government spending. Not to mention withdraw the stimulus package. Just from a humanitarian point of view that's insanity. The government is going to need to spend more just for safety net programs. Are they going to freeze payments for emergency rooms as the unemployed and uninsured pour in?
It just doesn't make sense. But I guess it doesn't have too when everyone is fixating on how tall a trillion one dollar bills is.
Here's some reality for Republican. Barack Obama entered the Oval Office with a annual deficit of $1.3 trillion. That's $1.3 this year, the next year, the year after that, assuming Obama did nothing, hell why not.. let use static numbers and go out 80 years. I believe that would be just over a $100 Gazillion.
I think the one thing that stands out is the Republican Plan to cut the top income bracket from 35% to 25% (adorable is turning into Chucky) that means if your a millionaire maybe let pick on out of a hat.. Maybe someone like a CEO of a giant financial Institution and you had a really good year, maybe not the company you lead but you did pretty good and you made $100 million your tax bill right now would be $35 million. What the Republican think would be a good idea is to give that CEO a $10 million tax cut.