Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Tonight Bill O'Reilly had Frank "Luntz Cap" Luntz on his show and with him he had his videos with his little approve/ disapprove graph. At one point they show a video of Obama's worst response in history.
Now this a group of 50% voted Dem 50% Rep. They run a tape of Obama Speaking at CIA Headquarters.... everything going ok .... dems and reps are hanging in the middle ... what's that? Obama said he banned torture ... BAM! the reps hit the floor, disapproval guts all over the place. I mean That line hit the floor faster then a guy kept up for 11 days in a freezing room dowsed with cold water and thrown into a wall ... But with a neck brace ...we're not animals.
It has been interesting watching the reps defend torture. I think my favorite is the one where it's not torture because we use it to train our soldier how to resist if our enemies use torture.
I guess when we do it, it's more like torture-lite.