Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Put the Pieces Together

We got "The Birthers" and "The Teabaggers". There was a Majority of Americans., before the The Iraq War that thought Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11. So it might be a good idea for Democrats to ignore the Polls and just do the right thing for Health care.

I should say from the onset that I am a Medicare for all, single payer person, but unfortunately American's aren't there yet. But there does seem be the all the ingredients for a pretty good plan.

First the "Exchange" that the Dems are talking about is ridiculous. It is phased in over many years and not everybody qualifies for access. The Senate has the Wyden-Bennett Bill that sets up a perfect one stop shop for Health Insurance. A Health Insurance WaWa if you will or for people outside the northeast a health care 7-11. But really most likely a website. That "exchange" represents a truely open market with all Insurance companies forced to compete side by side.

The Wyden-Bennet plan also includes premium subsidies up to 400% percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

This piece of the puzzle will go a long way in tamping down inflation rates for private insurance. Which the CBO doesn't know how to score, by the way.

The next piece is premium based access to Medicare with the same subsidies as the private exchange. Medicare would also use these premiums to close the 20% gap and the donut hole in the drug program and bring medicare in line with private plan copays.

One problem with the Dems plan was calling it a "Public Option". What's a Public Option? Ever heard of one before? Me neither. Access to Medicare, Gotchya!