Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Face of Failure

You know, far be it for me to tute my on horn...

From a Post on March 13, 2009

"Should we fail to seize this opportunity to make the changes that Barack Obama has outlined in new budget and the changes that most of us voted for in health care, energy and education it will not be because of the Republican or a popular ground swell of opposition. The face failure will be a Democratic Senator from a state of 600,000 people.
The Face of Failure will be Sen. Kent Conrad N.D. (D)
UpDate: It's hard to believe that there are 3 versions of a Heath Care Bill all with strong Public Option in the House. There is a Bill reported out of the H.E.L.P committee with a Public Option in the Senate and yet 6 Senators with a total Representation of just over 8 1/2 million people have the power to trump the rest?