Saturday, October 10, 2009

Promises, Promises

I'm going to give the Obama Administration a little credit here for a flash of brilliance, although I have to admit, lately, I'm not so sure.

By holding off on pushing for the types of changes he promised the Gay and Lesbian Community they have laid the issue at the door step of the 2010 Election Cycle. What better side show, for the American People, then to see the true colors of Republican prejudice and hatred. Just imagine the stereotypical crap that will be spewing from the mouths of some of the Rights most influential minds, personally I'm expecting some classics from Sen. Demint.

Also bringing the issue up during the election could help activate the GLBT Community and their supporter as a voting block to counter the frenzied "Teabagger" crowd.

If Obama doesn't move to keep his promises... well then ... Never Mind.