Saturday, February 19, 2011

Union Envy

I been thinking a lot about the intellectual or emotional foundation of the virolently anti-gay person. Where does the rational come from to really hate another persons for something that happens between consenting adults, behind closed doors in a completely alternate universe.
What really started to bring my thinking into focus  was the outing of some real anti-gay zealots as closeted homosexuals. The only emotion I could imagine bringing out this type of hatred of people living there lives openly is envy. The closeted gay person so resents the open life of an out gay person that the powerful feelings of envy manifest themselves as hatred.
The reason I been thinking of this lately is because I been trying to get my head around how you make the non union part of the work force almost seem to hate the union portion of the workforce.
You see stories, yes looking at you Fox, although to be fair and balanced most news organization are part of larger corporations that have an inherent anti-union mentality, about organized labor getting this or that benefit from collective bargining. That union workers are over paid and are bankrupting our business and destroying our economy. All of which have more then enough evidence to disprove and an abundance of evidence about how great progress has been made over the years in working conditions and rules and a profound impact to the growth and stability of the middle class.
So how do you get the majority of non union workers to hate the unions. Envy.