Monday, October 10, 2011

"The Fall of Wall Street"

The "Occupy" protests happening on Wall Street and around the country have been a powerful first step in connecting people of like feelings of frustration over a system that seems stacked against the 99% of people who sweat, stress and study day in and day out for a better life for themselves and their families. While at the same time the scales are tipped in the direction of the top 1% and large corporation either through tax cuts or bail outs for criminal behavior by banks or ultimitly total political domination. The growth of what some are calling "The American Autumn" ,or my personal favorite "The Fall of Wall Street", and the way it has spread to other cities shows that if there is hundreds of thousands out there that feel compelled enough to take their voices to the streets there must be millions who have the similar feelings of frustration. Frustration may have been the catalyst that brought the people to Wall Street and beyond and it was a essential step to connecting people and creating networks it is not enough to sustain a movement. It is not enough to draw in the millions who feel the same way. This unified message doesn't need to be a manifesto with a long list of demands. It should just two or three first steps that set the foundation for real change. To add my voice to the debate I would like to offer what I think we all could get behind to change American for the benefit of all. The First is a Constitutional Amendment to get the money out of Politics. The Dylan Rattigan ammendments looks pretty good. Second, establish a Wall Street Transaction Tax. A portion of which would fund elections. I like this because Wall Street still pays for our election but with out buying influence. Third, bust up the Big Banks