Friday, April 03, 2009


Bill O'Reilly asks. Is the Media Anti-Religion?

No Bill it is not. The media can not be anything other then a reflection of what the people demand and thus a reflection of the people. It's kind of like the debate years ago about Rap music, where I might add Billo was wrong then too. but hey who keeps score? Rap, as art, is not something that influences society it reflects society. Rap is what young black artists see outside their windows.

The media is much the same except it represents us in a much more economic demand kind of way. There is a reason it's called the Main Stream Media, it main stream because it's where most of us are. We're the middle, the secular majority. We like our information fast and convenient. We like our entertainment loose and a little bit dirty and we also like to think of our neighbors as friends.

So No the media is not anti-religion. But you should know that the people on main street are really getting tired of the religious division crap. Keep this up and we'll outlaw Christmas! OK maybe not outlaw it cause it is pretty cool... how about we'll change the name? I know, We'll call it "The Happy Holiday".
Have a Happy Holiday, Everyone!