Friday, April 03, 2009

Standing in the Way

Vermont, every gay person's first glimmer of hope, is poised to become the third state to legalize gay marriage. The legislation has breezed through the House (95-52) and Senate(26-4) That's not a typo. In the Senate 26 voted for gay marriage and 4 (four) (IV) voted against gay marriage.
Done Deal? Not so fast! The Republican Governor Jim Douglas has decided he must take democracy into his own hands, reject the will of the People's Representatives and veto this legislation.
I have to ask myself when a man says "The question of same sex marriage is an issue that does not break cleanly as Republican or Democrat, rural or urban, religious or atheist. It is an intensely personal decision – a decision informed by all of those things and many more – an amalgam of experience, conviction and faith. These beliefs are deeply held, passionately expressed and, for many legislators, infinitely more complex than the ultimate ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ required to fulfill the duty of their office."
How can you acknowledge that this is such a "deeply held, passionately expressed" personal issue and then use your own deeply held minority point of view to stand in the way of democracy.