Sunday, December 20, 2009


If all the money being raised and spent fighting the issue of Tax-Payer funded abortion was donated to Planned Parenthood. They could probably offer free abortion services.

Oh and another thing on abortion,

What the Anti-Abortion people are attempting to do is ration abortion services by cost. If your a low income woman who must rely on subsidies on the Exchanges for your health care coverage. You won't get coverage for abortion services.
The woman across the street doesn't qualify for subsidies, she has to pay for her coverage out of her own pocket. The policy she picked offers coverage for abortions. (Ya-Hoo! $15 co-pay.)
Our low income woman has another neighbor next door who works at the factory down by the rail road tracks. She is a Union worker and her employer provides a generous insurance plan that also covers abortion.
If all three of our neighbors got pregnant only one would not be able to get an abortion because she can't afford it and that is cost directed rationing.