Saturday, October 29, 2011

Democrats as a Stop Gap

The power of the 99% is that most people are sane and when asked issue by issue are relatively more Liberal then Conservative. So our power is in the fact that the sane far out number the crazy. So if we all make the commitment to vote we will win.Most of us Dislike Wall Street and their hand maidens in Congress both Republican and Democrats and we want to throw them all out. But, rallying around the Idea throw all the bumps out could be dangerous in that a random flip of the coin like that could just end up giving us a Republican controlled House, Senate and White House which will pretty much get us a gigantic Flat Tax Cut for billionaires, an Oil well in every yard and of course fish with three eyes.
So from in a pragmatic, Political and Electorial stand point with an national election only a year away we need first stop the bleeding by removing as many Republicans as possible and replace them with Democrats. At both the National and State level.
I know, I know, some of the Democrats are just as bad as Republican and many have the same ties to Wall Sreet but over all Dems are not nearly as anti the 99 as republican and not as determined to dismantle everything.
Once the Dems are in power we go back to the streets and get a constitutional amendment to get money out of elections and politics, institute a Wall Street Transaction Tax and break up the big banks for a start.