Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hoping for failure

With the deadline fast approaching on the Super Committee I would have to say I'm hoping for failure. I think the $1.2T in automatic cuts, although Painful, would be far better than the auction house bidding going on with the plans being shopped around these days. We'll cut $4B! No We'll cut 6.
First, the automatic domestic cuts of $600B over 10yrs would hurt but would be alot less painful then some other plans. We have a debt problem but it's a long-term problem. Now is not the time, in this economy, to start taking an axe to goverment spending based on plans concieved by men in backrooms arguing about whose is bigger.
The second reason I'm hoping for failure is because the $600B cuts to Defense will probably be our only opportunity to get those kind of cut out of the Pentagon. And to those who say the cuts will hurt our national Seurity. I find it hard to believe that $600B over 10yrs will be that painful to a $7T budget. Why are we so willing to force Medicare providers take less but not Defense Contractors?
There are so many game changing reforms that we can make, once we get the Republicans out of the way and start instituting values more in line with the 99%. Lifting the income caps on Social Security, allowing younger and healthier people to buy in to medicare and a Wall Street Transaction Tax are just a few.
It's sad to say that nothing will get done with Republican in control of the House of Representatives. The Republicans have proven over and over again that they do not govern to make this country a better place for everyone. Any so called Jobs plan they offer is just a collection of corporate and 1% wishlist talking points. Less taxes, less regulations and more "shared" sacrifice from those who can afford it least. They are so commited to the 1% they don't even listen to a majority of their own party who approves of raising taxes on millioairs. Republicans are no longer serious players in this debate.
So let the Super Committee fail, take our hit and get to work making this a better place for the 99%